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Selecting the right speaker for your next conference, educational workshop or webinar can equip your members with fresh perspectives, new approaches and bold solutions to their most pressing questions and concerns. While this year’s topics have been carefully crafted to provide forward-thinking ideas and practical solutions for financial services professionals, please know that any of these can be customized to meet your specific needs, your convention theme and your audience.

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2015 Featured Topic

Reinvent and Reposition
Essential Principles for Growth and Profitability

The economy is in recovery mode, the business climate is more robust, consumer optimism is on the rise and you are getting more comfortable with the re-regulated environment. So why aren’t you growing? How can you sidestep future threats to profitability? As the rate and scope of change in this competitive industry accelerates, a pivot to growth and profitability depends on knowing when and how to reinvent and reposition.

This powerful and engaging session will explore the basic elements of these two essential principles and answer questions such as:

  • Why is reinvention so important? Will we disrupt or be disrupted?
  • How do we identify the right time to reposition our bank or credit union?
  • What actions are required to grow our enterprise in a new, digital era?

Participants will learn how to apply these principles to their own unique markets and organizations; and will hear industry-specific ideas for creating an environment where impassioned people work together for growth.

View the entire list of 2015 speaking topics here.

Upcoming and Recent Speeches

Joe Sullivan presents a full-day seminar in partnership with Level5: What Do We Do With These Branches? Steps to Transforming Your Bricks & Mortar
Oklahoma Bankers Association
location t/b/d

Joe Sullivan presents: Purpose, Passion & Profits
Texas Bankers Association – Marketing Management Conference
San Antonio, TX

Joe Sullivan presents: Keep, Close or Transform  – A Decision Making Guide for Branch Transformation
Moss Adams 15th Annual Community Banking Conference – Conference Information

Joe Sullivan presents: Keep, Close or Transform  – A Decision Making Guide for Branch Transformation
North Carolina Bankers Association Management Team Conference
Charlotte, NC – Conference Information

Joe Sullivan presents: Reinvent & Reposition: Essential Principles for Growth and Profitability
WBA Northwest Retail Sales and Leadership Conference
Seattle, WA – Conference Information

Joe Sullivan presents: Big Ideas in Credit Union Marketing
Illinois Credit Union League
Quick Bite Seminar – Program Information


Joe Sullivan presented a full-day seminar: The Future of Small Town Banking: Three Steps to Renewed Success
Texas Bankers Association
Austin, TX

Joe Sullivan presented: Keep, Close or Transform – A 3-Step Methodology for Making Branch Investment Decisions 
WSI Banker Education Series

Jim Perry presented: Reinvent & Reposition: Essential Principles for Growth and Profitability
America’s Credit Union Conference & World Credit Union Conference
Denver, CO

Joe Sullivan presented:  Reinvent & Reposition: Essential Principles for Growth and Profitability
Massachusetts Bankers Association
Chatham, MA

Joe Sullivan presented:  Keep, Close or Transform – A Decision Making Guide for Branch Transformation
Texas Bankers Association
Lost Pines, TX

Joe Sullivan presented at the Indiana Bankers Association 2015 Mega Conference
Directors Track: The Future of Small Town Banking
Retail Track: Keep or Close? How to Make the Tough Decisions about Branches
Indianapolis, IN

Joe Sullivan presented: Reinventing Banking from the Inside Out
Washington Bankers Association Northwest Education/Human Resources Conference
Vancouver, WA

Joe Sullivan presented:  Evolution of the Branch Delivery System
mOSa and New Jersey Bankers Association G.R.O.W.T.H. Executive Conference
Edison, NJ

Joe Sullivan presented:  Navigating the Realities of a Consolidating Industry
New Jersey Credit Union League
Atlantic City, NJ

Joe Sullivan presented:  Keep, Close or Transform – A Decision Making Guide for Branch Transformation
New York Bankers Association
Albany, NY

Joe Sullivan presented: Purpose, Passion & Profits
Washington Bankers Association Northwest Marketing Conference
Seattle, WA

Joe Sullivan presented a full-day seminar: The Future of Small Town Banking: Three Steps to Renewed Success
Ohio Bankers League
Columbus, OH

Joe Sullivan presented: Reinvent and Reposition: Essentials for Bankers Eager for Growth and Profitability
Financial Institutions Symposium
Wooster, OH

Joe Sullivan presented: Evolution of the Bricks and Mortar Delivery System
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What people are saying

 “I have been working with Joe Sullivan for many years and been impressed with his interest in, and ability to create programs that are relevant and specific to the needs of Kansas bankers.”
– Becky Tongish, Senior Vice President, Kansas Bankers Association

“”I know when I’ve engaged Joe Sullivan as a conference speaker; my audience is in for a great experience. Over the years, Joe has consistently delivered well-researched, thought-provoking and contemporary topics for a variety of banking audiences. He has a creative approach to concrete business dilemmas.”
– Kathy Box, Executive Vice President, Texas Bankers Association

Joe Sullivan engaged our conference attendees with a high-energy, interactive, and informative session. He has great depth of knowledge and insights, and delivered them in an easy-to-understand, engaging way.”
Christopher Stevenson, Director of Professional Development, CUES

“Jim Perry’s presentation was once again very well received and earned highest marks from our attendees. Truly, the information shared was right on target.”
Susan Poling, Communications Manager, Ohio Bankers League

Joe has spoken at our CEO, Marketing, HR/Education Conferences, to name a few, always with good results. I find Joe’s enthusiasm and knowledge refreshing and stimulating, and I always learn something new.”
Liz Wilson, CAE, Executive Vice President, Washington Bankers Association


Whether it’s one of our own topics or a customized topic for a specific event, our team of experts can deliver presentations in any of the following formats:

  • keynote presentation
  • general session
  • concurrent session
  • board retreat
  • half-day, day-long, or multi-day workshop
  • webinar or telephone seminar

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