Strategic Planning

Success within financial services today means confronting and proactively addressing challenges head on. Margin compression, regulation, internal culture, consolidation, technology and customer churn are just some of the new realities that can be mitigated – and even turned into opportunity – when you have a solid plan.

All companies should revisit their strategic plans regularly and respond to change accordingly.  Our approach to strategic planning is unique; rather than focus on the actual strategic plan itself, we emphasize the importance of the strategic planning process. Our approach is anchored in the importance of aligning an institution with its unique market opportunities.  Our industry expertise along with our analysis of your institution’s unique market characteristics (demographics, market trends, delivery channels, consumer behaviors, competition, etc.) shapes our process and supports our strategic recommendations.

We skillfully deploy an organic method to the actual planning process, focusing on an organization’s strengths and successes. We take extensive time with planning session participants in advance of the actual planning day to ask the types of questions that reveal an organization’s core capacities. We gather the best of their perspectives, ideas and concerns in a way that builds consensus, cultivates a sense of ownership and grounds participants in the practice of planning – together.

The result: a strategy that translates intangible goals into specific actions – a plan that can bend and flex and adjust to the ever-shifting realities of today’s marketplace.

Our strategic planning experts can help you:

  • Evaluate and reshape your current strategic plan (or develop a whole new plan) to reflect new market realities
  • Develop a plan that reflects market opportunities and your institution’s objectives
  • Address shifts in technology and consumer behavior
  • Build consensus among your team and key stakeholders
  • Understand strategic planning as an ongoing process, not a static document
  • Position your institution to better adapt to future changes

To learn more about our strategic planning process, please contact us