Brand Positioning & Marketing Strategy Development

In today’s marketplace, many financial institutions need to take a different approach to marketing.  Aggressive competition, shifting consumer behaviors and commoditization within the industry are requiring financial institutions assign greater importance to their marketing and positioning efforts.  Our team helps financial institutions promote alignment between brand positions, marketing efforts, and market opportunities to differentiate from the competition and fully realize available growth potential.

Brand Positioning

Establishing a clear, strong, and differentiated brand position is the first step in developing an effective marketing strategy.  Our team of consultants works with our clients to identify unique organizational characteristics, strengths, and market opportunities – all of which inform the development of positions that set our clients apart from the competition, guide marketing decisions and drive growth.

Our brand positioning strategies will help you:

  • Clearly understand how your institution is different from the competition
  • Communicate these differences to your customers/members, prospects, and community
  • Create an emotional connection with your target market
  • Leverage points of differentiation as a competitive advantage
  • Prepare your staff to clearly and consistently communicate how your institution is different
  • Make strategic choices about your marketing mix to support your position


Historically, marketing efforts in financial services have emphasized tactics over strategy.  But success in today’s marketplace however requires an emphasis on the latter.  Our team translates market and customer/member data and research into marketing strategies that reflect the dynamics of local markets and the strengths of our clients.  The result is a strong, clear and actionable strategy that helps institutions take advantage of available market opportunities.

Our marketing strategies will help you:

  • Establish a clear target market  
  • Understand your existing customer/member base
  • Set realistic goals based on available growth opportunities available in your markets
  • Understand the competitive landscape of your markets
  • Align your products and services with the needs of your target market
  • Align your marketing efforts with your market opportunities

Ongoing Support

The best plans and strategies will get you nowhere without execution.  And while many institutions have the intention of taking action and implementing strategies and plans, we realize that those plans are often interrupted by the need to conduct daily business or the lack of resources to move quickly and take advantage of today’s opportunities.  Recognizing this, we are prepared to help our clients turn plans into action – prioritizing action steps, implementing recommendations and guiding decisions to make plans a reality.

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