Corporate Culture Alignment

“Culture eats strategy for lunch.”

Community bank and credit union leaders often fail to recognize the truth embedded in this simple quote. Some of the most brilliant business plans or sales and marketing strategies falter because they are misaligned with employee attitudes and behaviors. Culture is the environment in which your strategy prospers or perishes – it can shift with every hire or retirement; change with every merger or acquisition; and rise or fall with new leadership. If correctly managed, it can be a source of sustainable competitive advantage. Market Insights offers three distinct programs to cultivate and strengthen one of your organization’s most often overlooked assets:

Corporate Culture Assessment

Understanding your corporate culture is the first step in creating high-performing, purpose-driven organizations. Market Insights has a distinctive methodology for assessing your current situation and making recommendations that will shape an agile, sustainable culture. We look closely at the dominant characteristics of your corporate culture, the prevalent branch  or departmental subcultures, the level of employee engagement, patterns of internal communications and the degree of alignment between your culture and your institution’s brand and strategic direction. And our work doesn’t end when we hand you a report – we support our recommendations with the availability of customized training and follow-up.

Purpose, Passion and Profits

Market Insights’ CEO Joe Sullivan has created a seminar ideally suited for board retreats, management team sessions or all-staff meetings. This customized presentation is both inspiring and practical – taking participants through a meaningful journey of self-discovery that builds team cohesion, strengthens internal culture and promotes greater profitability.

Leadership Discovery

Market Insights’ Leadership Discovery Program educates and prepares key members of your team in the core competencies of relevant leadership.  Our unique approach to leadership development is based on the principle that no one is born a leader.  Rather, we believe that anyone can develop the skills and authentic qualities required of effective, transformational leadership. Our program helps individuals explore and expand their leadership preferences and capabilities in five primary areas of leadership behavior: vision, passion, communication, connection and support. In practice, these five characteristics promote cohesion in internal marketing activities and support an institution’s efforts relative to employee development, recruitment and succession planning.

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